Science X Change Webinar

Treating Helicobacter Pylori in 2020 Riders & Riddles

28 April 2020, Tuesday


Ini Puthiyathai Pirapom

1st May 2020, Friday


Gut Microbiome Health and Disease

2nd May 2020, Saturday

Live Webinar

GERD : PPL and Beyond

7th May 2020, Thursday


Post Lockdown - Precautions for Prevention and Protection

8th May 2020, Friday

Science X Change Webinar

BIO Markers,Newer Therapies & Beyond

15th May 2020, Friday

Live Doc Talk

Advances in Management of Upper GI Bleed

17th May 2020, Sunday


New Entrant to Liver Therapeutics Obeticholic Acid

27th May 2020, Wednesday

Live Doc Talk

Current Status in Therapy of Liver Diseases

28th May 2020, Thursday


Inauguration of Lions Dialysis 6th Centre

20th June 2020, Saturday

Awareness Webinar

World Hepatitis Day - 2020

2nd August 2020, Sunday

Awareness Webinar

NalVazhvu Nam Kaiyil - 2020

30th August 2020, Sunday

LIVE Webinar

Management of Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency - An update

6th Sep 2020, Sunday


LIVE Webinar

Hepatic Encephalopathy - Current Challenges and Future Prospects

13th Sep 2020, Sunday


LIVE Webinar

Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 2020

20th Sep 2020, Sunday


LIVE Webinar

Microbiota in Health & Disease

27th Sep 2020, Sunday


LIVE Webinar

World Diabetes Day

17th Nov 2020, Tuesday



Non-Endoscopic Assesment of Stomach Pain

10th Dec 2020, Tuesday


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